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A Bit About Me

Hello, and welcome to Mahogany Essential ™. My name is Shonta' and I am the Founder/Owner of Mahogany Essential ™ Home Fragrance. 


Mahogany Essential ™ was initially created out of many dissatisfying scents that gave me migraines because of the harsh chemicals so many use in their products. I ended up spending so much money on candles claiming to be Eco friendly until I got fed up with with all the dissatisfying fragrances and the overcrowded tables and cabinet space, with the same problem of migraines and allergy sensitivity. 

After months of research, lots of time and efforts, many sleepless nights, and tons of lost money and sickness, I finally created a candle that actually do what it promises to do. I have bad allergies and with my Eco friendly, phthalate free candles, you are in for a treat. My candles are 100 percent soy wax infused with only the best essential oils.

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